hey guys!! You might remember that in my first blog post I talked about my weekend trip to Copenhagen via a cruise ship in August. Was just going through my photos today & realized I hadn’t really shared many of pictures from my trip, so here they are!

taking the boat down this river was so beautiful, even if it was rainy and half of my pictures have the head of a Chinese tourist in themthis was the first street we walked down in Copenhagen when we arrived on the gobright orange buildings and bicycle gangs are what copenhagen is all aboutcutest little store front💗city centre📍there’s the head I was talking about on the left sweet little cottage in the marshessuch cool architecture😍boats boats boatsview$ from seasurprised shelley let me use another umbrella after I broke one within 24 hours of arriving in norway classy street corners classy street corners 2.0jeg heter lauren og jeg elsker kjøttekakkerwhen shelley and arne get you virgin daiquiris to make you feel included>>>gang’s out for lunch first shrimp I ever peeled!!honestly every street corner in copenhagen is worth having a picture ofwhen shelley takes roof selfies with you>> surfs up I liked shrimp more when I wasn’t the one peeling them parked the yacht for the day, ha det bra

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