meet me in paris💌

As you may have heard me mention in my post reviewing October, my first weekend of November was spent in Paris! It was literally a dream come true and Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen (even if I was always watching my back for pickpockets and falling on my back from eating too many croissants).

We started our trip at 3am on Friday morning, but the day went surprisingly well considering we were all running on very little sleep. I was travelling with my host sister who is 24, Ayna, my host Mom, Ine, and my counsellor for my exchange (who is also a canadian), Shelley. At the airport I had a croissant (weekend croissant count: 1) & Ayna and I spent the flight watching Gossip Girl, my latest pastime.

When we first got to Paris, we took a taxi into the city to our hotel and got our first taste of Parisian traffic. Norway has hardly any stoplights and stop signs, but Parisians make Norwegian drivers look like the safest drivers in the world.

After we stopped by our hotel we went for lunch & had omelets (and croissants)(croissant count: 2). We spent the afternoon at the Louvre hunting for the Mona Lisa. The moment I had been waiting for since last April finally came ; i got to wear my Mona Lisa socks while looking at the Mona Lisa herself.

That night, we did a walking tour of Montmartre, a district right on the edge of Paris. The district is known for it’s “bohemian vibes” and for housing Le Moulin Rouge (the theatre that started the can-can). The walking tour was actually really interesting; we got to see the places featured in the movie Amelie (a movie I didn’t watch until about a week ago hahah), and at the end visited sacré-cœur. For dinner I had my first ever cheese fondue which didn’t disappoint.

On Saturday, day two, we started the day by going to the bakery near our hotel. We got some traditional french snacks for breakfast; baguette and croissants (🥐 count: 3).

We then took the subway to Trocadéro and walked down towards the Eiffel Tower. I’m gonna lie, i definitely thought the Eiffel Tower was gonna be a bit disappointing or at least a little overrated. It was neither- seeing and going up it was one of my favourite experiences ever and definitely a highlight. We got very lucky with lines the whole weekend- there was nothing that we waited more than half an hour for. At the Eiffel Tower, my host Mom and I decided to take the stairs up instead of the elevator and it definitely made the trip more memorable.

In the afternoon we took a river boat cruise & got to see lots of different monuments from the seine. Afterwards, we went to see the Arc de Triomphe, visited a shopping area called Le Marais and had dinner.

We were lucky with our flight times; we had nearly 3 whole days in Paris. On the last day, we had breakfast at a café (croissant count: 4) and then went to musée d’Orsay, an art muséum which houses a lot of Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas. I personally liked this museum better than the Louvre, however seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre was a dream of mine.


After the museum, we visited the Latin quarter for lunch. We had really good savoury crepes and french fries- how much more french can a meal get ? We stopped to get me a croissant (#5) and then headed back to the hotel to pack up and leave.

Overall, my weekend in Paris was amazing; it still feels surreal to me. I’m so thankful to have gotten to experience this beautiful city and know I’ll remember this trip forever.

..og nå litt på norsk:

Jeg hadde en veldig fin helg i Frankrike! Det var som en drøm! Vi har besøkt Eiffeltårnet, le Louvre, og Musée d’Orsay. Vi har gjort og sett flere ting på bare 3 dager. Jeg hadde det bra, og jeg er så takknemlig for å ha hatt muligheten til å oppleve Paris under min utveksling.

Bye for now!


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