top ten from my past 100

Today marks my 100th day in Norway! I’d be lying if I said exchange isn’t an emotional roller coaster, but I’m thankful for every single day and the new experiences each day brings me! to celebrate, here’s the top ten moments (in no particular order) from my past 100 days❤

1. canadian thanksgiving

As I talked about earlier on my blog, Canadian thanksgiving really was special for me. It’s such a reflective time and it was so nice to be able to celebrate it here in Norway, and to be with my friend from Canada (and to celebrate it with real american pumpkin pie).

2. visiting the eiffel tower

Honestly, I definitely expected the eiffel tower to be overrated. It wasn’t. Walking down Trocadéro in France towards the Eiffel Tower was literally something out of a dream, and it made the experience even more memorable that my host mom and I climbed the stairs up to the top.

3. biking through the cave at Rallarveien

Ahh yes, the infamous bike trip along Rallarveien. There were high points and low points to this trip, but i certainly won’t forget it. Definitely one of the best moments of my exchange so far was biking through a pitch black tunnel in the end stretch of rallarveien. It was so scary literally biking into the darkness (& at one point I biked into the wall) but it was such a thrilling feeling and was 100% the highlight of the trip.

4. swimming in the fjord

There’s something about going swimming when it’s really too cold to do so that makes it even more appealing. In the fall, two of my exchange friends and I spent the weekend at a hytte. Somehow we got lucky with the weather (meaning for once it didn’t rain) and we took a swim in the fjord in some wetsuits. We also took a boat ride and it was such a nice feeling to be enjoying the crisp fall air from the sea.

5. tusenfryd

On the weekend before Halloween, some of the other exchange students and I️ went to tusenfryd, an amusement park in a town nearby. I️ normally don’t go for roller coasters, but that day I️ did. It was so fun to be with the girls, be surrounded by tons of halloween festivities, and to conquer my fears and actually have fun doing so. Not to mention I ate the best waffle of my life.

6. climbing prestcampen

Hiking prestcampen on the fall break turned out to be very very nice, and I️ got to do it with great company! The weather was great (a bit cold and windy and maybe I cried about it but whatever), and we got kvikk lunsj as a reward so the good cancelled out the bad lol.

7. walking sola strand

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing it’s really hard to describe the feeling that made these moments so notable. On this particular day, we were in Stavanger on the west coast of norway. We had just got back from an activity with all the other exchange students and it was (surprisingly) a very nice, sunny day. Milly and I️ took some Oreos and peanut butter and a blanket, and walked for a few hours down the whole beach.

8. sunsets at svartskog

This happy memory is a fairly new one; just last weekend I️ went to svartskog with my host family and my friend Sara, from mexico. It was the day after it snowed for the first time this year, and we went right as the sun was setting. After we took a little walk, we went to a cafe for probably the best hot cocoa I️ have ever had in all my life.

9. movie in the park

 This day was closer to the start of my exchange (clearly, as I’m not dressed for an avalanche). Some of the exchange students and I️ met for kebab (my first ever), and then we went to watch a movie under the stars. Nothing says happiness like blankets, la la land, free snacks, and a starry sky.

10. my 100th day

My 100th day was a normal day, nothing really out of the ordinary. I️ went to school, went home for an hour or so during math time, then went back to school to meet some of my friends to go out for dinner for my 100th day. My friends asked me what the best part of my past 100 days was and I️ said “this right here.. just kidding”. But I️ wasn’t kidding- my 100th day was a testament to the past 100, and being with new friends made it extra special. Of course I ended the day with some melksjokolade hjerter❤️

All in all, being able to experience exchange is something so inexplicably wonderful. Everyday brings some kind of new adventure, something totally different than what life is like back home. It’s so weird for me to look back at myself over the past 100 days and see how I’ve adapted to Norwegian lifestyle and how Norway has consequently changed me. I still really couldn’t tell you why I decided to come to Norway in the first place, but I can say for certain that I definitely think this is where I’m meant to be, and that there’s no place I’d rather be. ❤️

bye for now!


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