november i norge❤


Wow, time is flying here- I can’t believe I’m coming up to the end of my fourth month in Norway. I can honestly say I love it here. I am so happy and every day is proving to be a new adventure for me.

At the start of the month I went to Paris with my counsellor, my host sister, and my host mom. It was definitely a weekend to remember and I am so lucky to have gotten the experience to go. In Paris we climbed the Eiffel tower (literally- my host mom and I took the stairs), did a walking tour of Montmartre, visited the Louvre (and saw the Mona Lisa) & Musée D’Orsay, and ate more croissants than I am willing to admit. We also did a boat tour along the seine, spent some time taking the subway, and had great meals out trying different French cuisine, like crepes and fondue. Paris was honestly something out of a dream, and I’ll never forget it.

This month I celebrated my 100th day in Norway! I spent it with friends from school- we had a normal school day, and then went shopping and out for dinner after. I also went to a concert to see a Norwegian artist with some friends from school this month.

In the middle of the month, my friend from Mexico came to visit for a weekend. We had a pretty relaxed weekend- we met some other friends in the city on Friday night, and on Saturday we visited a place called Svartskog, which means black forest. We hiked a bit there with my host family, and got really beautiful pictures with the sunset. When we came home we made dinner on a machine that was kind of like a table barbeque.

Black Friday really shouldn’t be celebrated in Norway, but the truth is they do celebrate it and it’s probably just as big as in Canada. I had the day off school for black Friday, and Milly and I went to the outlet mall with her host dad and then to a different mall in the city. We also met up with some Norwegians from Cobourg for lunch which was super fun!

Norway saw its first snow of the year at the start of this month. It was much earlier than I’m used to seeing snow in Canada but I love it- most of the time. My class at school was still going running outside at the start of the month, and at the end of the month we had to do a running test outside on the track which was covered in ice and snow on top. I’ve never ran in weather like that, but what the Norwegians have taught me is that you can’t change the fact that winter is happening, so you might as well just bundle up and go out in the snow and embrace it.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Christmas market in Oslo. It’s not such a big market, but it’s super cute and it’s nice to go there with friends. I’ve already been four times, and I’m sure I’ll be going more times in December. At the Christmas market, I’ve been skating, had my Christmas picture taken in the photo booth, and tried just about every single Christmas food and drink they sell. It’s such a joyful environment and it makes it feel a lot more like Christmas!

Recently I️ also went rock climbing with my last host Mom! I’m not normally a big fan of rock climbing, but who knows, I️ might not have another opportunity to go rock climbing while I’m in norway! What I️ learnt from this experience is that I’m actually pretty scared of heights but all in all I️ actually had a fun time doing it.

I had my first moving day at the very end of the month! It was sad to leave my first host family, but I’m already loving living with my current family. I went from living with a mom, dad, older brother, and older sister, to just living with an older couple whose children are moved out. I’ve never lived in a house without siblings around so this is a first for me!

Anyways, I’ve been busy and am still loving it here! Hopefully I’m still saying that in a month when the coldest and darkest part of the winter has hit! Until next time,

Lauren Zweerink

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