Where has the time gone! I’ve been here so long I’ve lost track of the time- I’m sure I’m more than halfway done now, in about two weeks I’ve been here for six months (which is the craziest and scariest thing to think about). Today I was home sick (but not homesick dw guys) and spent the day working on a little video of these past months in Norway. While I’ve had my fair share of low moments, I’ve realized there’s been so so so many more positive moments that I’m beyond thankful for! I’m literally living my best year of my life so far, and maybe my best year ever, and it’s so important for me to keep that in perspective. Looking back through all my memories today made me realize that I love pushing myself, I love trying all the new things that have come my way & keep coming my way this year, and most importantly that I love this crazy country of vikings & experts in party bus and mountain survival.

Buuut anyways enjoy my little home movie of my norway adventures from these past 6 months, am beyond excited to see what these next months have in store for me ! xoxo


ps – the song i used is The best you had by Nina Nesbitt, have had a few people ask me about it so just thought I’d mention it xxx

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