another month bites the dust- january 2018


I’m now more than half done my year in Norway! I’m loving this year and I’m so happy with how everything has been going so far! This month has been a bit of a slower month- the weather hasn’t been so nice so there hasn’t been as much to do, and instead of the usual action-packed schedule, I’ve just been taking it a little slower.

Apparently I’m very “lucky” to be in Norway, as it’s snowier this year than usual. This has actually made lots of fun for me, and it’s nice to spend so much time outside after having been so busy before I left for Norway. I have been doing lots of cross country skiing, and will get to spend almost two weeks of February skiing. I also have been sledding and just out for walks in the snow!

I’m really enjoying living with my second family! I spend a lot of time with my host dad, and we’ve been going skiing together at least once or twice a week. We also went to the National Gallery in Oslo this month together- not a huge gallery, but I actually really enjoyed it and I got to see the scream by Edvard Munch which was pretty cool.

I had a weekend trip with a couple other exchange students this month, from Canada, Mexico, and Japan. We were in an area in the mountains called Telemark, and it was super beautiful there. We went on what was probably the snowiest and coldest weekend of the whole year, and I think that actually made the trip more fun. On the Saturday night of the trip we ventured into the snow and made a campfire at the edge of a cliff. It was so nice to just have a fun, outdoor adventure and we definitely felt accomplished after spending way too much time trying to make a fire. We also went skating on the weekend- we walked along a beautiful trail along the fjord to get to the rink, only to find it was covered in about a foot of snow. After making the effort to take all our stuff down there, we ended up having to get my friend’s host mom to drive down and bring us shovels.

Ellen, the inbound exchange student from Finland who stayed in Cobourg last year also came to visit me at the end of January. We had a great time catching up, and spent the weekend sightseeing and shopping in Oslo, going bowling with some of my exchange friends here from Canada, and going to this 2km long sled track called Korketrekkeren in Oslo- the sledding was probably one of the highlights of my whole exchange.

I also said goodbye to some of my best friends this month, who were from Australia and had come to the end of their exchange year. It was really sad to see them go, especially my best friend Milly (who you’ve heard lots about by now between this and my blog), but about 6 new Australians will soon come to Norway and it’ll be really nice to get to know them! All the exchange students in Norway are having a camp together in the start of February, and we’ll get to meet them then!

Anyways, I have lots coming up next month to look forward to! As I mentioned I’ll be spending a lot of time skiing, and I also have a presentation for my rotary club which I’ll do in Norwegian! Hope everybody’s surviving the winter!

Lauren Zweerink

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