hytta i hallingdal

Hey everybody!


Just thought I’d share a little from my past week, as I’ve been on winter break and in the mountains. It’s been so nice to relax this week and being in the mountains was so cozy. We only went to the mountains for a few days, but it was a nice break from the city and words can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was. I went with my host parents and my friend kali from Canada and we stayed with a rotary club member at his cabin in hallingdal, 4 hours from the city. I’ve never been to the north of Canada or norway, but when kali and I arrived at the cabin we both said it felt like the North Pole being there. The cabin didn’t have road access (which is actually rare for Norwegian cabins) and we had to hike 10 minutes up the mountain in the snow to get there.

The cabin was super cozy, and it was really nice to get away for a few days! On the drive up we were all in a super good mood and i think we listened to 4 hours of Abba. Once we got to the cabin it was pretty much dark, so we just chilled inside and ate dinner. That night kali and I played monopoly in Norwegian♡

The next day we went on a ski trip- something kali and I had both done more than enough times this winter and didn’t really feel the need to, but we did it anyways. Before we could even put on our skis, we had to go down the mountain a bit. Kali and I rode a sled down and absolutely wiped out. Naturally. We put on our skis and started our little trip, down a hill, over a lake and up a little mountain on the other side. The weather was soo nice, but we weren’t really planning on a very long ski trip. We packed lunch with us but really planned on going such a short trip that we wouldn’t even need it.

We ended up going much further than expected and we weren’t too thrilled about it. I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry on a ski trip lol. We wanted to turn around but then got pressured into going even further with promises of a hytte to relax at once we arrived. The details of this hytte were not very specific, so instead of a nice warm cabin with waffles we came to a random cabin that somebody owns where we sat outside in the snow to eat our lunch. If Kali and I weren’t mad before, were we ever then. The ski trip back wasn’t so bad, until we had to return back up the mountain where the cabin was. Kali and i were so tired we just sat in the snow.

That night we saw one of  the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. Also, my second host family heard me say a norwegian swear word for the first time and were so shocked. We were so exhausted, so we just relaxed and watched some movies that night.


The next day, we opted out of skitur. Understandably. My host family still went skiing but it was pretty windy that day. That day was my 200 days in norway, which you maybe read about here ♡

Kali and i sat out in the sun and had hot chocolate and  sorlandschips (paprika flavoured of course) and kvikklunsj. It was really really nice to sit out even though it was so cold and it was the perfect start to my 200th day in Norway♡

In the afternoon we went to the store with the guy who owned the cabin we stayed at. It was a beautiful drive, and we also got to see an old farm that he owns there.

The last day, we left early to drive home, however it still took us almost 8 hours to drive because everybody in Norway was coming back from the cabin at the same time. It was still a really nice trip- going to the norwegian hytte is one of my favourite things about norway.


Anyways that’s all from hyttetur!♡ hope you enjoyed hearing about my little adventure


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