mitt 18. bursdag i norge!✨

Hei alle sammen!

f724598a-295a-4615-bb60-a25d99c336ec Today I celebrated my 18th birthday in Norway! It was fun to have a birthday in another country, and it makes it special that this might be my only birthday I spend in Norway (but probably not tho 😉 ). I had a nice day, and it was fun to have my mom from Canada here with me also.


The day before my birthday we had a little gathering with all my host families so they could meet my mom from Canada. It was super nice for them to meet her, and bring my two worlds a little closer together. We ate lots of cake and waffles with brown cheese (maybe you saw the disappointing video of my mom trying it and not reacting at all lol) and it was super cozy.

7e158eff-427e-412d-b8b1-38b551b38bf3On my actual birthday, my mom and I woke up to make an ekte kanadisk frokost (canadian brekkie) for my host family, complete with potatoes (not a breakfast food in norway), egg, bacon, and fluffy pancakes with maple syrup.


Afterwards we went to meet some of my exchange friends from canada and the united states and we had lunch in a super cute town called son. Kali and I had been there before when it was summer and we went back just to have another fish burger.

At night I had a cozy dinner with my host family, and then we taught my host family how to teach my canadian family’s favorite game called phase 10. It was really nice to have a quiet night after having so much going on all day, and my host dad is already asking to play phase 10 again which is fun haha.

cbae274f-2746-48c9-9619-115b119e22bdAnyways, signing off for the first time in my adult life. vi snakkes xx


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