march madness- month #8

Hey everyone!!

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Happy Easter! Hope the weather has warmed up a bit there and that everybody’s enjoying themselves. Here in Norway, it’s still snowy everywhere- on Easter break it’s really common to go to the cabin in the mountains north of the city to go skiing, but this year you don’t need to since we still have so much snow! Despite the cold and snow, it is starting to warm up a bit and just this past week we’re starting to see the sun a lot more for the first time since October or early November- today (on Easter day!) I’m even sitting out in the cold and snow just to catch some rays.


I’ve had a really busy month here in Norway, and I’m happy to have this long Easter holiday to relax and get ready to go back to school after the break! I’ve been all over the map this month- I’ve had a class trip to the mountains as well as to France, a rotary exchange student gathering one weekend, a day trip to Sweden, and even a little weekend trip to Prague with my mom! I’ve also moved houses this month, but the unpacking hasn’t really happened until now!

On the first day of the month I moved to my third family! I’m really enjoying living here and it’s been such a good experience so far! I’ve started taking public transportation to school from this house since it’s too far to walk, which is something I’ve never had to do before.



During the first week of March I went to France with my French class! (you can read more about it here ). It was a really fun trip, and we got to see so much! For the first three days, we were in Chamonix which is where crazy people start the ascension up Mont Blanc, and where ski enthusiasts go to ski. We visited la Mer de Glace while we were there, a glacier that descends down a valley of Mont Blanc. We also ate and cooked French food as well as had a quiz in the town where we had to ask people in the streets for the answers- an embarrassing task when your French has become a French-Norwegian mix. After Chamonix, we were in Evian for two days. In Evian, we stayed with host families for two nights and went to school as well as saw a bit of the city. It was a really special experience, and just in those two days I made some friends I know I’ll have forever. For the last three days of the trip, we went to Lyon and did some sightseeing and visited museums. My French class is only 12 people, so it was really nice to have this trip to get to know everybody a little better.

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After the French trip, I went straight to meet the other exchange students in Oslo for a mandatory rotary trip. I was only with them for one day, but it was fun and we got to visit the ship museums in the city where we got to see three of the four found Viking ships in the world as well as learn about famous Norwegian explorers.

Between school trips I had a few normal days of school, and one of the days my sports class judged a huge table tennis tournament. I did my job judging in Norwegian which posed a challenge, but it was fun to pretend I was Norwegian to the contestants. I also took another test in Norwegian at school this month which I’m sure is more fun for me than for my teachers who have to try to read and understand it.

fd7fc09b-721c-41cc-8542-b97970f924d9I also had a school ski trip with my sports class this month! We went to a mountain called Trysil where we skied, hung out, and even tried snowboarding one of the days. It was nice to spend time with my class and get to know them better, especially after being away a lot in March. We had great weather and we stayed in a huge 30-person cabin for 3 days, where we all took turns cooking for eachother and played a lotttt of cards.



After my ski trip, my mom came to Norway to visit! In Norway, we get a week off of school leading up to Easter so it was perfect timing for her to come! I also celebrated my 18th birthday while she was here and all my host families came over for cake & got to meet her. (I wrote a post about that too! check it out here) While she was here we took a short trip to Prague, did some sightseeing in Oslo, had a day trip to Sweden to do some grocery shopping, and even got to meet my class at school. It was really nice to see her and to get a delivery of Canadian candy), and it’s a sign that the end of my exchange is coming fast! It’s crazy to think I only have about 3 months left here.



After I said goodbye to my mom on the Friday of easter holidays, I still had a few days to relax and catch up on all the netflix i didn’t watch this month. Since the time change, we’ve been having sunnier and longer days, and so i took advantage of that by taking my last ski trip of the year with my host dad and my host mom from my first family, going for a few walks by the fjord with my host family and friends, and even by just watching my netflix outside instead of in.

f724598a-295a-4615-bb60-a25d99c336ecAnyways, hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my busiest month yet! Have a great Easter holiday, and don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message if you have any questions for me!  God påske fra Norge!


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