happy earth day! 🌎

happy earth day everybody!🌎

Earth day is something they never really talk about in Norway, however if anybody is earth enthusiasts it’s the norwegians; Oslo is europe’s green capital in 2019, and everything is closed on sundays pretty much just to give norwegians time to go outside.

I have been so lucky to have explored so much of the world on exchange as well as the time before my exchange, and I’ve gotten to see some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life over the course of the past year! Here are some of the coolest views in nature I’ve gotten to see during my travels:


This picture was taken last year on my  East Coast trip with my family before I went on exchange. I think we were in Nova Scotia, driving the RV we rented up to see a lighthouse. It was super foggy and looked like something out of a movie♡


Fall in Norway is soo dreamy♡ this day we were on hyttetur to a cabin in the mountains near Lillehammer and it was rainy so we stayed inside the whole day and just checked out this view.


When people ask me what the coolest moment of my life was, I describe this moment. Last winter, my family went to Costa Rica on vacation. We were walking down the beach and all of a sudden these two horses ran at us and I swear I almost got trampled, but it was so worth it. I think that picture is maybe my favorite picture I’ve ever taken.


ahhh Norway again♡ this picture was taken at Østerbø (I think) when I was on a school trip with my sports class. It was so beautiful to wake up to this view, and I had only been in Norway for a month and was still so fascinated with all the mountains. On this trip I remember the coolest part was that if we wanted water we could just take it from the streams and it was so cold and fresh. In Canada I don’t think I would ever dare to do that. 



Anyways, just thought I’d share some pictures with you guys and tell you that this year I’ve grown so much more respect and love for nature♡ It’s so important that we take care of the earth and that we give back what we take, as well as that we get outside and enjoy some fresh air in nature! Whether that be just trying to go for a short walk everyday, or planning a trip in the mountains to go hiking, or even just being conscious of putting your trash where it belongs, show the earth some love and respect so we can continue to enjoy it for a long, long time♡

have a great day! do something kind for our planet today♡

Lauren xx

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