with love from prague ♥

hey everybody!


March has been super crazy busy, so now that it’s April I’m taking some down time to catch my blog up a little bit!  I really can’t believe that in two days it will have been a month since I was in Prague, time flies (and so do i hahha)♡


As you maybe read in my post about in my birthday post or in my monthly update from march, my mom came for a visit this month and we went to Prague! We had a really nice trip, even if it was only three days, and Prague was more beautiful than words.


I’ve never traveled just with my mom, but it was fun and easy and it was nice being able to do what we wanted without having to stop at mcDons every 5 minutes for my brother and sisters. Prague isn’t such a big city, so as long as you bring your walking shoes and also your backup walking shoes for when your feet are tired from the first pair, you’re good to go.


We flew out of Oslo early on Sunday morning, which worked out really well considering everybody was on Easter break and we thought it was gonna be a bit chaotic. Travelling out of Oslo is always a breeze, I had never experienced that easy of travel before I came to Norway.


We got to Prague around 10 in the morning, so we had the whole day to check out the city and explore. We went to our hotel to drop off our stuff then just walked around. On the first day we pretty much walked from one side of the city to the other, then saw some tourist attractions on our way back.


The first tourist attraction we came to was the Charles’ bridge, arguably the most beautiful bridge in the world. The bridge was cool, but the highlight was that this random bird guy came to me and put his trained pigeon thing on me. lowkey was maybe the highlight of my year lol.


We walked up this big path on the side of a hill after along a super old wall and saw the fake eiffel tower and went inside a mirror maze. The fake eiffel tower is actually a few metres taller than the real one in Paris, but they cheated and put it on a hill to make it that tall. It was still cool though, and the view was really beautiful. The mirror maze was neat too, I don’t really know what to say about it other than that it was a lot of mirrors hahah.


Walking back to the center of the city, we went down the backside of the castle and got such a beautiful view of Prague.


That afternoon, we had goulash out of bread bowls for lunch and then took a boat cruise at sunset. Since it was pretty cold while we were there and it was tourist off season, there were no other people on our boat so we basically got our own personal cruise. That was also one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me- taking a boat down a channel in Prague at sunset, sitting out the window while the tour guide got some good content for my Instagram.

We just went back to our hotel after our boat ride, it was pretty cold out and our feet were so exhausted from walking so much! We also had the time change the day before so we didn’t get that much sleep the night before.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The next day we slept in a bit, then took the tram after breakfast to the far side of the city to these old ruins of a castle. It was also such a beautiful view of the city, and it was really nice to just walk around up there and in that area. There aren’t as many places geared to tourists there, so everything was really czech which was kind of fun. While we were up there we remade the famous Nicki Minaj Prague vine. remaking that vine was the inspiration for the trip.


Afterwards, we walked around in that area and tried something different from literally every czech bakery we saw, the best part of travelling i believe. In france, I tried praline brioche and I still think about it like every day. The bakeries of the world are what keep me going.


In the afternoon, we walked around the centre of the city, with the famous Old Town square and the prague astronomical clock. But of course, since the most random things happen to me, the clock was under construction. as you might recall, so was the Big Ben when I was in London in the winter. So, I’ve been to two of the most famous clocks in the world this year and not even seen either of them. Nice.


We also tried one of those dough chimneys that every white girl in prague has to have 7 of, and it didn’t disappoint. The day before i had seen a place that made them with icecream and chocolate and really decorated, so we went back to find it and it was so worth it. It was up there on the top of best foods I’ve had during my exchange.

For dinner, we went out a bit later and had an idea of where we wanted to go but it ended up being really small and unfortunately, full. We tried some other places but every place seemed to be full, not serving dinner, sketchy af. Eventually our nifty online prague recommendations map took us to one that looked like a bar but was this huge restaurant hall with maybe 200 tables. it was wild. so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. We waited for a bit to get a table, and this chatty american who seemed to be a bit bored with her family talked to us about pretty much everything she knew about Canada (not much) while we waited. Once we got seated, we were beside some more chatty americans (coincidence? mmmmm) and we ordered and got served pretty fast. The food was so good, we had pork and dumplings and snitzel and potato salad. After all the effort the whole ordeal took it was worth it I think.


We went back to our hotel that night and just rested and then went to bed, it was another super busy day and it was nice to relax. The next morning we had breakfast then left to go back to norway. The trip was pretty short but it was so nice to see prague and it was special i got to do it with my mom!

Anyways, that’s all for now! talk soon xx


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