april showers


I only have two and a half more months in Norway! Which means, only a few more monthly updates before I can share my adventures with everybody in Canada in real life! I’ve been having so much fun in Norway (as everybody knows), and this month has been really relaxed which I’ve enjoyed. The weather is so nice now, and almost every day is sunny.

In April I began training at a training centre near my house which is really nice, it has become a part of my routine and I like that it’s the same as what I used to do in Canada. I also have trained a lot in my gym class, and this past week I swam 1 kilometer straight- which was much longer than any swim I’ve ever done before.

Now that the weather’s getting better, everybody is coming out of hibernation in Norway-on the weekends in the city it’s so nice to see so many people out and enjoying life. I’ve been out a few times with friends in the city this month, just to get food or ice cream and sit in the sun and enjoy that spring’s finally here.

Ice cream is definitely a summer staple in Norway, and this month we kicked off the season with free cones on Ben and Jerry’s free cone day on April 10th.

Image result for pølse med lompe

Another important Norwegian summer food staple are hot dogs in potato tortillas. You can’t be in Norway and not consume your body weight in hot dogs, as disgusting as it may sound- it’s a really common social thing to gather with friends and grill (both hot dogs and other meat) as soon as you can dig the grill out of the snow bank in the spring. I was thinking about it just the other day and I realized that Norwegians view hot dogs as good summer food, whereas in Canada I know I normally view them as like “if there’s nothing else in the fridge” kind of food. Somehow this year, I’ve grown to love them. I don

I also went to a concert with my best friend from Canada this month. We saw Imagine Dragons with my host sister and her friend and it was really fun! Going to concerts is so easy and nice in Norway, because the tickets are usually pretty cheap and the venues are small.

I’ve been going for lots of walks, together with my host family or just with friends, and it’s so nice to get out and enjoy Norwegian nature. I love pretty close to the oslo fjord, so I can walk there and back and have time to enjoy it within a few hours. Next month I’m going to the west coast of Norway to hike a mountain called Preikestolen (featured in the new Mission Impossible, something Norway is very proud of) and I’m really looking forward to get to hike again. It’s not so warm here, but it has gotten up to 17 degrees Celsius quite a few of the days, and I’ve already slept outside this year! Just this past weekend I slept on the outdoor furniture for the night with a heater above and it was really cozy.

My Norwegian has actually been coming a long really well- I think I can finally say I’m fluent, or at least have conversational skills. I’m not scared to be talking Norwegian at school anymore, and a while ago I even noticed I’ve started thinking in Norwegian. The hardest thing is that, even though I’ve learnt Norwegian, most Norwegians are still better at English than I am at Norwegian.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI have been together with my rotary club here quite a lot this month, and I’ve gotten invited to try a lot of new things with them including knitting, making Danishes with a Danish woman, and even have been invited to Madeira, a Portuguese island, in June before I come home. I also had a conference in my district for the students going on exchange next year, and it was cool to get to know them and to make some new friends! I did a presentation that day in Norwegian for them, talking about my exchange and what it’s like being an exchange student and I think it was cool for them to see how far I’ve come in my Norwegian and how I’ve grown in less than a year.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetAnyways, that’s a little bit from my month! Not too much has been going on, but I’ve been keeping busy and enjoying the Norwegian spring with my friends and family. Next month I have a lot to look forward to, including the national day in Norway! Let me know if you have any questions!




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