tom cruz was here- preikestolen hike & long weekend in sandnes☀

hey everybody!


This past weekend was an extra long one (5 days) because of the national day in Norway! I was super lucky to have the opportunity to go to the west coast of Norway with Kali, my best friend from Canada, and Ine, my first host mom. We had incredibly nice weather, and apparently this may is the warmest may Norway has had in 71 years.

Anyways, the national day was celebrated on Thursday, May 17 (you can read about it in my last post) and we left for the west coast on Friday afternoon. It only takes 40 minutes to fly from Oslo to Stavanger, and that’s what we did.

The sun was shining when we got there, and it stayed that way the whole trip. When we got there we drove about 40 minutes to the cabin in Sandnes where we stayed for the trip. We stayed with some friends of my host mom’s & their 3 sons. We spent the night just hanging out, going for a walk to the fjord, and eating lots of food of course. The people we stayed with had a super cute dog Kali and I wish we could’ve brought home with us.

Woke up bright and early Saturday to go to Preikestolen! We made matpakket for the trip (packed lunches), and drove to a spot on the fjord where we took the boat, then drove again once we were on the other side. It was Kali & my first time taking a boat on a fjord that wasn’t so wide as the Oslo Fjord, and it was so beautiful.

Once we got to preikestolen, the walk to the top only took about an hour and a half and there were lots and lots of tourists there from all over the world. The view was incredible from the top and that view was what we had been waiting for our whole exchange.

Of course we ate kvikklunsj at the top, &  we also met some american tourists who were visiting. It was funny for Kali and I to talk to them, we’ve picked up so many norwegian social habits this year and when we talk to people from close to home we’re starting to notice them.

The trip down was of course easier than the way up, and on the way back some of the boys & I took a swim in a lake at the top. I think it was maybe the coldest water I’ve ever swam in, but I can’t really complain- in about two weeks I’ll be swimming in a glacier. We stopped for some icecream on the way back, then just spent the afternoon hanging out and chilling on the boat.

The next day we slept in a bit & then set off for flørlitrappene, the world’s longest wooden stairway. 740 meter altitude difference, 4,444 wooden steps. 6.6 times the amount of steps up the eiffel tower. it was no stairway to heaven. To get there we had to drive the boat through Lysefjord to this little village, and on the way we got to see Preikestolen from the bottom which was cool.

I have to admit, we expected to be more sore from the stairs than we were, but it was no walk in the park. We took lots of breaks on the way up and made sure to pretend it was fun, and the view was worth it. No tears were shed on the way up. surprise

Once we got to the top, it was super windy and there was even snow. Kali and I were actually really surprised when we flew to Stavanger at how much snow we could see from the plane. Winter never leaves norway. anyways after that, we ate some chocolate (motivation) and began back down the mountain via a trail.

The trail was almost equally as hard as the stairs, because we pretty much got down by walking right down the mountain. No cushy rock steps for the tourists like preikestolen. It was also such a nice view though, and everybody was in a pretty upbeat mood after surviving the stairs. That night, we just stayed in and played monopoly in Norwegian and relaxed.


Monday was our last day at the cabin, and we spent it catching some rays and going for a swim. Overall the Preikestolen trip was super nice and definitely one of the best weekends of my exchange. I’ll always treasure the memories and friends made from that weekend & I definitely hope that wasn’t my last time in Stavanger. ♡

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