MAY this year never end;)



Well, only one month of exchange left now! May has been the best month yet, with a heat wave so warm it’s the hottest Norway has had in the past 100 years! Needless to say, I’ve spent may at the beach, outdoors, and finally getting some colour after the long Norwegian winter inside.

At the start of the month, my best friend from mexico had a birthday and I had about 4 of my exchange friends over for the weekend. We dressed up and went out for dinner at a super nice restaurant in the Barcode, an area in Oslo that looks like a barcode because of how the buildings are laid out. The weather was so perfect and there were flowers on all the trees- it was the first day I really remember summer being in Norway. You can see more pictures here ♡


I also celebrated the national day in Norway in May, on May 17th! It was such a special day and everybody was so happy. The weather was perfect- not too hot to be outside in big dresses all day, and not too cold. I got to borrow the national dress (called a bunad) from my host sister to wear, and I truly felt like both a princess and a Norwegian that day. To celebrate the national day, I went into the city with my host family and saw the children’s parade, and we got to see the king of Norway outside the castle. We met my host sisters for lunch and ate at a fancy French restaurant, then went on to have dinner with my host family’s relatives. It was so special to get to be in Norway for the national day, and to anybody thinking of travelling in Norway, I would definitely recommend going so you get to experience the national day too.


Right after the 17th of May, I went with my first host mom and my best friend from Canada to the west coast of Norway to a place called Sandnes, where we stayed in a cabin and went hiking. This weekend was honestly probably the best weekend of my exchange. It was so beautiful and we had so much fun with the people we were with. We did two hikes while we were in the area of Lysefjorden- the first was up a mountain to a lookout called Preikestolen– it’s really well known and one of the first things that comes up when you search up Norway.

0e1549df-4989-4c89-b595-7f47f70b343fThe second hike we did was called Flørlitrappene, a staircase with 4,444 wooden stairs up a mountain.Needless to say that second one has forever changed my outlook on life- whenever something is hard I always think to myself, if I can climb 4,444 steps and live to tell the tale then I can do anything.

Things have been going well with my Rotary clubs, friends, and school here also. It’s weird that everything’s starting to come to an end but I’ve had a good time here and I’ll always keep my happy memories from this year with me. I’ve had a lot of presentations for my rotary clubs this month, including a 50 minute presentation in Norwegian- something I’m proud I accomplished.

            I have a lot coming up during the rest of my exchange, and it’s so weird that now the days are almost full all the way until I come home. During the first 10 days of June, I’m going on a trip around Norway with the other exchange students which I’m really looking forward to.

Bye for now,


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