300 dager ferdige, 35 dager igjen.❤ //june 4

Hey everyone!

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Sadly, to my deepest sorrow, my time is really starting to run out in Norway. I’m currently on a 10- day trip around Norway with the other exchange students, and it’s even more of a reminder to me of how much I don’t want to leave this beautiful country that’s become my home over the past year.

Anyways, enough crying. As I did after my first 100 days and my second, here’s a continued list of the top moments from my exchange: the 300-days version.

  1. franskturen

At the start of march my french class went to France for a week, to Chamonix, Lyon, and Evian. After nearly 3 months having passed since the trip, here’s what I’m still thinking about from that trip:

-eating the BEST salmon of my life in Lyon, and then eating it again the night after because it was so good the first time.

-staying in a nasty little hostel thing called a git in Chamonix, and learning to flip crepes like a francophone

– bowling with my new French friends

I’ve never had a school trip like the French trip with my school in Canada, so it was super fun to get to go on that trip with my French class. We had only good times on the French trip.

  1. besøk fra moren min

47f90bbf-3012-4d7a-b2c7-79242220db5fI missed my mom so much and it was so nice to get to see her in March. It was fun to talk and catch up with her, to show her a bit of the country that has been my home for the past year, and to take a little trip to Prague with her. In Prague, we walked a lot, ate good food, and had a sunset river cruise.

  1. 18- årsdagen


My 18th birthday was so special and i was so happy to have my mom with me to celebrate! We met a few exchange friends for lunch in a cute little town called Son, and had a little get together so my mom could meet all my host families, my counsellor etc.

  1. imagine dragons

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Towards the end of April, Kali and I went to see imagine dragons with my host sister and her friend. The weather had finally turned around, and we had so much fun dancing at the concert.

  1. kløfta

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In May, we had a meeting for the exchange students going out next year and I had the opportunity to talk to them about my exchange a little bit. I had a presentation for them, and during this day I remember feeling proud of how my Norwegian had developed.

26. nodee sky bar

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At the start of May we celebrated one of my best friend’s birthdays! We went to a super fancy restaurant and dressed up, then came home and ate cake and went swimming in the pool. It was so fun to be with my best friends, the last time we were all together before our final Norway tour!

27. 17. mai

6787d012-3294-4fef-b9e2-aa45e208b4b9It was so special to experience Norway’s national day while on exchange! Everybody was so happy and it was so cool to see everybody in the national costumes! I’ll always remember being on the main street in Oslo and seeing everybody dressed like princesses to celebrate Norway.

  1. preikestolen

24331420-d152-481d-998c-bdb094e6640fThe Preikestolen weekend was probably the best weekend of my exchange. I went with my first host mom and kali, and we stayed with some friends of my host mom on the coast. It was such a fun weekend and it was incredible to get to climb and see the view of Norway from both Preikestolen and from the top of the 4,444 stairs we climbed the next day.

  1. middag på taket

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At the start of June, we began our 10-day Norway tour with all the exchange students. The first night was spent in Frogner in Oslo, where we got to have dinner on a rooftop. The weather was perfect and the feeling in the group was so good- after not being altogether since February, everybody was beyond excited to be together again.

  1. my 300th day spent in Voss!

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My 300th day was also one to remember. We spent the day white water rafting in Voss, flying in a wind tunnel, laughing til it hurt on the bus to Bergan, then climbing a mountain to see what was truly one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen (I know I’ve said that a lot this year, but this was truly the best ever).


Anyways that’s all for now! Norway, I love you & Canada, I’ll see you way too soon❤


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